Internet Celebrity Explosions under the Rise of the New Country


  1. The further development of the social market brings the possibility of a new national wave;
  2. The three core competitiveness of the outbreak of the new national wave;
  3. Social e-commerce, kol and planting grass to create a new way to detonate the country.

2018 is called the first year of the rise of the new national tide.

This year, “China Lining” insisted on returning to “Chinese elements”, and returned to glory from the bottom in 4 months. At the same time, in New York Fashion Week in September, domestic brands such as Laoganma, Summer Palace, Wangwang Snow Cake, Forbidden City were all unveiled, setting off a “new national trend” domestically and internationally! Show the unique oriental aesthetics and Chinese taste to the world! Others such as Harbin Beer, Skyworth, White Rabbit Toffee and Mengniu, etc., also displayed their unique “new national tide” image in their respective fields.

The New National Wave (Xinguochao) Movement has quietly risen. When buying domestic products, using domestic products, and selling domestic products have become a new way of life for “national wave youth”, we try to explore the reasons behind these phenomena.

Reasons for the emergence of the new wave

“Guo Chao” originally refers to a trendy brand with a unique design style and a life attitude created by a local designer or manager. The “new country tide” breaks the shackles of branded goods and becomes a popular phenomenon that not only satisfies young people’s pursuit of personality and fashion, but also highlights Chinese traditional culture.

Regarding the “new national wave”, next, we will explain its reasons from the four dimensions of policy, channel, brand, and audience.

  1. Policy. Policy guidance oriented by cultural innovation

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed that it is necessary to adhere to the development path of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, stimulate the cultural innovation and creativity of the whole nation, guide the brand to take Chinese culture as the root, and promote “Chinese intelligent manufacturing.”

  1. Channels. Promotion of fashion events and e-commerce platforms

“Tmall National Tide is Coming”, “Yohoo Fashion Carnival”, etc. More platforms regard “National Tide” as the core element of platform activities and provide platform traffic support. More information display has greatly increased the exposure of “Guo Chao” and enhanced users’ awareness. The e-commerce platform provides WYSIWYG transaction empowerment and shopping experience. The combination of the two has further promoted the commercial development of “Xin Guochao” and narrowed the distance between users and products.

  1. Brand. Independent upgrading of the rejuvenation of “old” brands

Chinese brands, from the very beginning of complete basic functionality and lack of “aesthetic sense”, to the present, taking into account the international design standards, highlighting the Chinese style, trendy cultural characteristics, and radiating new vitality. From the aspect of the product strength of the product itself, the supply-side capability is maximized. Strengthen the audience’s use, perception, and the possibility of sharing value. The product is marketing, and the rejuvenation of the brand improves the ability of market commercialization.

  1. Audience. Driven by the nostalgic feelings of young audiences

Tmall released the “Tmall National Tide Consumption Trend” based on the big data of young consumers’ consumption on domestic products. From these trends, we can see that, whether it is the love of New Oriental aesthetics or the ingenuity of intangible heritage, more and more young people are keen to consume domestic products. On the one hand, they have strong purchasing power and communication power. Willing to pay for the nostalgia of antiquity and Chinese culture. On the other hand, he pursues personalization, publicizes himself, and does not blindly follow big names.

Tradition is never a bondage, but a heritage. The blessing of creativity has allowed many old domestic products to bloom with new attitudes in the process of transformation and upgrading. There are also many new domestic products that reflect the unique aesthetic interest and life style of the Chinese people began to surprise the world stage.

So for “Xin Guo Chao”, what are its own labelled core competitiveness?

Three core competencies in the outbreak of the new national wave

According to the “New Domestic Products Big Future-2019 China Consumer Brand Development Report” released by Alibaba Research Institute, in 2018, the cumulative search volume of keywords related to new domestic products on the Alibaba platform exceeded 12.6 billion times. In 2018, Taobao consumers purchased more than 2 intangible cultural heritage and time-honored products per capita, and consumers born in the 80s and 90s accounted for more than 70%. Many time-honored brands have “reversely grown” on Tmall, and the post-95 fans accounted for more than international big names.

What core competitiveness does Xin Guochao have?

Cultural sentiment. Take the retro Chinese culture as the spiritual core. The unique cross-border elements provide national emotions beyond the functionality of the product itself.

Fan economy. On the one hand, culture itself has a natural sense of identity. On the other hand, Chinese brands are creating cultural communities through product innovations and truly dialogue with young people in a way that young people love, so that consumers feel a sense of belonging. And a sense of dependence. The two jointly established the brand fan culture.

Design the brand. Take the emerging street culture as a benchmark. Combine New Oriental aesthetics to create a unique spiritual interpretation. The result is a high-quality, youthful, personalized and new aesthetic product design.

So based on the above three core competitiveness, how should we create a new wave of explosive models?

Three ways to detonate a new national wave

  1. Social e-commerce

Social e-commerce has obvious advantages in the cultivation of domestic brands. Now various social media platforms with live broadcasts and short videos can quickly amplify the selling points of domestic brands, ferment the brand’s voice, and quickly reach users.

  1. KOL

The fan economy and KOL complement each other, and the fan effect of the brand is further amplified through the formation of KOL. The two parties jointly carried out multiple contact marketing to fans.

Correspondingly, the four advantages of KOL are even more powerful tools to help “new national wave marketing”.

  1. Plant grass

Planting grass is a form of marketing that brand owners have attached great importance to in the field of new media in recent years. For Xin Guochao, through planting grass, culture will be further penetrated and influenced. This will stimulate users’ stronger desire to buy.

In order to better realize the marketing of national tide grass planting, we share the following 7 currently most popular grass planting methods.


The growth dilemma of established brands and intergenerational migration make it more urgent for old brands to seek innovation and change. The rise of the new national wave is not only the demand of the young consumer market, but also the inevitable manifestation of the restoration of national self-confidence and the improvement of pride. “New National Trend” must be one of the most important consumer trends.

We believe that every product is worth using new media to interact with users and stimulate new business opportunities.